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Help us congratulate the nominee’s for February’s DTRT Program at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Officer Anthony and Chief Jenkins announced the winner and nominee’s for February’s DO THE RIGHT THING.

Lily Murray was our February-2020 winner!

Murray’s winning nomination-

Lily is a wonderful student and person. When she knows there is a situation going on that does not feel right, she will not just sit there and let it happen. She makes sure she stands up for the right thing no matter what. When the class "complains" if there is a test or something they do not want to do, Lily will immediately say "come on guys, it's not that bad, we can do this!" She has a positive attitude almost all the time and truly wants to be a good person and friend to others. She is a kind person and is very patient with others, no matter what kind of person they are. I see her going very far in life, impacting many other people in a positive way!


Lily Murray-winner 3rd grade

Maia DiNapoli-1st grade

Walker Bradshaw-1st grade

Terria Smith-5th grade

X’Zavier Owens-3rd grade

Congratulations to all for doing the right thing at Vanceboro Farm Life!!


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