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Help us congratulate the nominee’s for December’s DTRT Program at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Officer Anthony and Chief Jenkins announced the winner and nominee’s for December’s DO THE RIGHT THING.

Kevin Anderson was our December -2019 winner!

Anderson’s winning nomination-

This young man always models kindness by offering a helping hand to his fellow peers and teachers. He does not see differences among others; however, he sees everyone's uniqueness and appreciates the differences they bring to our classroom family.

He demonstrates kindness by pushing his peers in their wheelchairs, sitting with them, and sharing his iPad with them. He is attentive to other's needs and advocates for his peers by making sure he is creating an inclusive environment within his classroom setting.

By showing kindness and compassion towards his peers, Kevin Anderson is always Doing the Right Thing.

Congratulations on doing the right thing!


-Kevin Anderson- 5th Grade-(winner)

-Kaziyah Dobie - 5th Grade

-Colt Neigebauer - 1st Grade

-Michael Burbage - 2nd Grade

-Jeremiah Carmon - 3rd Grade

-Bayleigh Wells - 3rd Grade

-Jayden Holloway - 5th Grade

Merry Christmas!!🎄🎁


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