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Help us congratulate the nominee’s for January’s DTRT Program at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Officer Anthony, K-9 Mags and Chief Jenkins announced the winner and nominee’s for January’s DO THE RIGHT THING.

Makenna Jones was our January-2020 winner!

Jones’s winning nomination-

Makenna Jones is our nominee for January. Makenna has transformed over the last few months to be a great example of using the seven habits to make our classroom better and more amazing each day. Makenna has been a leader in class, always trying to set a great example and be helpful to both peers and teachers alike. When there is a job that is needed to be done she can always be counted on. It doesn't matter if it is delivering a message, helping another teacher in the classroom, or getting ice for a student that is hurt. Always using kind words and being helpful to others, we are quite proud to have Mekenna in our classroom. She is a great example of what you can do when you believe in yourself.


Makenna Jones- winner 2nd grade

Brianna Camargo-1st grade

Wyatte Pegram-3rd grade

Brighton Wilson-5th grade

Laila DiNapoli-3rd grade

Michelle Flores-Quirasco-3rd grade

Congratulations to all for doing the right thing at Vanceboro Farm Life!


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