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November’s winner and nominee’s for DO THE RIGHT THING at Vanceboro Farm Life!!

Bryce Strayhorn was our November-2018 winner!

Congratulation’s on doing the right thing!

Strayhorn’s winning nomination-Bryce goes out of his way to show kindness to others and make them feel welcome and accepted. One of his classmates speaks and understands very limited English. This student enjoys playing with others but cannot verbally communicate with them right now due to the language barrier. When asked to identify a friend, though, he quickly said, "Bryce!" His eyes lit up as he thought of his sweet friend and was able to identify him in a group. Even though Bryce and his classmate do not speak the same language, there is a universal language of kindness, love, and acceptance that the two very clearly share. Bryce not only seeks out this friend to play with, but often notices others who may be alone, having difficulty completing a task, or not feeling well to offer them company, help, or consolation. He encourages others in the class to do the right thing. We are so thankful for the inspiration that Bryce has shared with others in our class.


Bryce Strayhorn-Winner 

Caleb Gaskins 

Lashea Fields

Jocelyn Waters

Mackenzie Daley

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