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May's winner and nominee's for DO THE RIGHT THING at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Malik Brown was our May-2018 winner! (not pictured)

Congratulation's on doing the right thing!

Brown's winning nomination- Malik goes to specials with some of the students from the adaptive setting (special education). Because of these students' behaviors, often times most students are hesitant of choosing to work in groups with them. In Drama last week, Malik was able to choose three students to be in his group. One of the first students he chose was a peer from the adaptive setting. He has looked out for him in the group and helped in correcting misbehaving. Malik has been a great role model for the adaptive students while in specials and a great friend.


Malik Brown-Winner

Asala Younis

Margery Moats

Calia McGhee

Maci Burton

Congrats to all this month!!

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