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April's winner and nominee's for DO THE RIGHT THING at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Maelynn Stocks was our April- 2018 winner!

Congratulation's on doing the right thing!

Stocks winning nomination- Maelynn is a friend to all. I can think of many times where I have seen Maelynn reach out and help students in different ways stretching from tying shoes to helping with a math question. But one stands out above the others. Each day for lunch, she is being an encouraging friend to Alysa. Alysa is one of our students with disabilities who enjoys eating with our class. Maelynn happily volunteered to walk with Alysa each day to the cafeteria, to sit with her, and to be a role model. Maelynn displays the true beauty of looking into the heart of each person she meets.

Nomination's- Maelynn Stocks- Winner

- Keenen Benton

- Lily Murray

- Alyssa Mercer

- Kaylee Hofmann

- Chance McCombs

- Ter'Szieyah Edwards

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