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March's winner and nominee's for DO THE RIGHT THING at Vanceboro Farm Life!!

Winner- Ahmani Beasley

Ahmani Beasley was our March-2018 winner!

Congratulation's on doing the right thing!

Beasley's winning nomination- Ahmani is a newer student to VFL. He has joined class this year and become fast friends with one of his peers who happens to require 24/7 oxygen. Normally his friend has a nurse with him to monitor his oxygen levels and assist him throughout the day. However one day last week, the nurse had to stay home with her son because he was sick and a substitute nurse was not available. While Ahmani and his friend were playing in centers, Ahmani noticed his friend's oxygen tubing had come out of his friend's nostrils. Even though Ahmani has communication difficulties, he was persistent in gaining teachers' attention and getting his friend help to fix the tubing. Because of Ahmani's quick, thoughtful, and caring action, his friend stayed safe and the teachers were able to help his friend stay on oxygen, that he requires to assist him in breathing.

Nomination's- Ahmani Beasley- Winner

-Aleyna Ochoa

- Joshua Hernandez-Monroy

- Maurice Brown

- Chanise Bryant

- Kyzier Harris

- Brennon Valerio

- Riley Gloska

- Kaitlyn Jefferson

- Shayden Broussard

- Shelby Bell

- La'Mya Bryant

- Frank Losavio

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