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DTRT winner for March-2020

Help us congratulate the nominee’s for March's DTRT Program at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Cpl. Anthony and 3rd Grade Teacher Brittant Clark hand delivered the winner’s DO THE RIGHT THING AWARD, in an effort to help cheer up those in the community during these trying times.

Manning Green was our March-2020 winner!

Manning’s winning nomination-

Manning has been having a hard time drawing lately when he is supposed to be completing his work. Because of this, he missed some lessons that had to be taken home for homework. The next day, he came into the classroom and called a "huddle" with two friends that sit at his table group with him. He told them, "ok, how are we going to help me stop drawing?" Together the three came up with a plan, they decided that they would help Manning when he started to draw, all he had to do was listen to them. Since then, he hasn't drawn when he was supposed to be working! This showed me that Manning truly does care about his work and doing the right thing even when it's not his most favorite thing to do. I am so proud of Manning and all of the obstacles he has had to overcome in his life. He truly impacts all of those around him in a positive way and we love having him in our class!


Manning Green (Winner) - 3rd Grade

Sophia Barrow - 2nd Grade

Brenen Whaley - 5th Grade

Cole Norville - 3rd Grade

Lauren Moore - 1st Grade

The rest of the Nominees will receive their awards once school is back in session.

Congratulations to all for doing the right thing at Vanceboro Farm Life!!

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