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January's winner and nominee's for DO THE RIGHT THING at Vanceboro Farm Life!

Winner & Nominee's

 Isaiah Holloway-Barfield was our January-2018 winner! Congratulation's on doing the right thing!

Holloway-Barfield winning nomination- Isaiah is a wonderful student and friend. He strives to do his best in all of his school work. You can tell how important it is for him to do well by his effort and attitude. Sometimes he gets upset if he misses something in his work because of the high standard of excellence he strives to obtain. But he never stops trying until he gets it. Isaiah is an outstanding classmate to everyone in our class. His smile and laugh brightens our room. Without fail, he is one of the first ones to volunteer or help a classmate or schoolmate, regardless of the need. He even helps Mr. Brian and Mr. Ethan with the trashcans in our room and the bathrooms. He has a servant's heart, always looking to help others. When he sees a need, he fills the need. For example, sometimes they will call to let me know a student is coming to the back door. There are times I am helping another student. The lock on our back door can be aggravating to work but Isaiah has learned how to work it. If they call to let me know a student is coming to the back door and I am unable to go, Isaiah, without fail, will go to the door and unlock it and let the student in the classroom. You don't even have to ask. It is like he has a radar to see the need and then goes to help. He is trustworthy, dependable, and respectful to everyone, especially his teachers. He consistently has high dojo points from all teachers, due to his responsibility and willingness to help others. Through conversations with his mom, he is just as responsible and respectful at home. His standard of excellence is the same, regardless of where he is. There are many more examples and they all prove that Isaiah "does the right thing". It is my honor to nominate Isaiah Holloway-Barfield for "do the right thing”award.

Nomination's- Isaiah Holloway- Barfield- Winner

Caleb Gaskins

Jeremiah Reher

Ricca Mitchell

Blessing Williams

Ryan Heckman   

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